Stella M

Hey dream! I think that this is really cool! I love watching your videos and content. They make me un-sad. You have helped me through a really hard time, and bring me so much joy, you can’t even imagine. I hope you are living your best life. Your music is awesome too! I’ve been a. Fan since the beginning of 2021. I can’t imagine my life with out you. Thank you dream, you mean the world to me


your music effected me in a good way, your voice is amazing. keep up the good work your doing well and your music makes me happy :)

Kylie D

Dream, you are such an absolute amazing person and you have came so far from the smp, to manhunts, and now music. You have really helped me and so many other through rough patches. You’re like our get away from everything whether it’s just school, home life, or just like in general. You are such an inspiration to everybody. All I can say is thank you so much and I hope you keep on being amazing at what you do. I Also just bought merch and I’m so excited to get it!! We all love you dream! <33